Current Openings At Maharashtra College Of Nursing-

Nursing Profession-

"Florence Nightingale, while establishing the discipline of Nursing spoke with firm conviction about the nature of Nursing as a profession that requires knowledge distinct from medical knowledge. Nursing is caring, nurturing. It addresses the responses of individuals and families to actual potential health problems in a humanistic and holistic manner. Nurse provides care and comfort to Patient, cares to rehabilitate ill and disabled through humanistic science of nursing."

Roles and Functions of Nurses:

Caregiver-Helping Patients to regain health through the healing process.

Decision-Maker: Planning best approach for care along with Patient and family or health care professionals.

Protector and Client Advocate-Maintaining safe environment for the Patient.The nurse protects and supports the Patient’s human rights.

Manager-Coordinating activities of other members in the health care team.

Rehabilitator-Assisting clients in adopting maximum levels of functioning after illness.

Comforter-Physical and emotional support to help the Patient to gain strength to recover.

Communicator-Interaction with Patient, families and health care professionals to provide care effectively.

Teacher-Teaching concepts and facts about health demonstrating self care procedures and reinforcing learning of Patients behavior.

Researcher-Conducts & Coordinates various research projects related to health to enhance quality of nursing care and education.

Job Opportunities in Nursing-

Nursing profession has gained lot of importance as far as job opportunities are concerned. There is a global shortage of nurses. On completion of graduation he/she can take up position in government and non government organization.


Ample scope & opportunities are available for nursing graduate. They can opt for Masters in various Specialties in clinical field such as Community Health Nursing, Maternal Health Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Psychiatry Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Cardio Vascular Thoracic Nursing, Critical care nursing, etc. M. Phil in Nursing, Ph.D. in Nursing.

Online license examination of foreign countries.

Following are the various avenues available for a graduate nurse:

Bedsides Nursing-In Hospitals & Clinics.


  • In schools & Colleges of Nursing.
  • School Health Nursing.
  • Industrial Health Nursing.
  • Community Health Nursing with Government & Non Government Organizations.
  • Nurse Consultant
  • Sales Managers with the Health Care appliances manufacture, etc.
  • Large numbers of opportunities are still coming up for nurses in India & Abroad.
  • She/he can start his/her own Geriatric care centre, Maternity Home, Daycare.

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